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Be Smart & save yourself the cost of a replacement Student ID Card

It is important that you do not mutilate, punch holes, or destroy your Student ID card in any way or you may have problems using it with the card readers at the turnstile entrance to the Library and with other card readers across campus. Please note that if you do damage your card you will have to pay a €20 fee to replace it. In order to ensure that your card functions correctly and to avoid the replacement card fee Do protect your card from excessive heat. Do protect your card from becoming demagnetized by avoiding contact with cell phones,  TVs, microwaves, and other portable electronic devices. Don't bend, fold, or otherwise mutilate your card; this means don't carry it in your back pocket. Don't punch holes in your card. Don’t wash your card or write on it.      Further information in relation to your Student ID Card is available at:

Getting Started in the Library training session is cancelled - 11.00am 26 Sept 2014

 11.00am 26 Sept 2014  Drop-in Getting Started in the Library training  session is cancelled    

Bates' Visual Guide - New Library Resource

Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination Now in its Fifth Edition and featuring completely reshot content and new clinical skills videos,  Bates’ Visual Guide  delivers head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for the (Advanced) Assessment or Introduction to Clinical Medicine course. The site features more than 8 hours of video content. Students and faculty in medical, nursing, and related programs will appreciate the careful attention to clinical accuracy, as well as the range of patient types profiled in the series. Institutions will benefit from the online delivery of content—available for the first time via IP-authenticated or referring URL access—allowing their users to view the videos from any web-based location or device.  

Improvements to our online catalogue

Over the Summer we upgraded our online catalogue, and we have rolled out some new features which we feel will enhance the user experience. Some of these new features are listed here , and can be accessed by searching our online catalogue via the library website . If you want to learn more about our online catalogue why not call in to one of our Finding Books and Journals training sessions.If you've any questions now or later please come to the Library's Customer Services Desk - we will be very happy to help.

Astronomy in the Special Collections