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Login to Library Services Unavailable - Service Restored

Login to Library Services Unavailable - Service Restored As of 17:00 login to the Library site and associated services has been restored. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this outage.  Unfortunately the login facility for logging into library services is currently unavailable.  You can still access library online resources if you are on campus, however off campus access is unavailable for the time being.   We would like to apologise for this outage at what we know is a stressful time for students.  We have alerted ISS and hope that the service can be restored as quickly as possible. Sunday 29th April 16:30pm 

Have a MyiLibrary ebook account? Then read this...

On Wednesday April 25th , the contents of the MyiLibrary ebook platform with migrate over to the Ebook Central ebook platform. All our MyiLibrary ebooks will be accessible via Ebook Central from then on. If you have any links saved that point to a book on MyiLibrary, they'll still work for while, but we recommend you use the Library Catalogue so you can access the title on the new platform with no problems. Most importantly, MyiLibrary bookshelves will not be migrated . So if you have a bookshelf created on MyiLibrary, it would be worth printing it out. You can then create a new bookshelf on Ebook Central and populate it with the listing. Also , if you  used the bookmarking and highlighting features on MyiLibrary you will lose those indications in their ebooks after the title migration. However, notes can be preserved using these  instructions .

The Bancroft Library’s Irish American holdings, public lecture by Theresa Salazar

John Cox, University Librarian, NUI Galway, is delighted to invite you to a public lecture by:   T heresa Salazar, Curator of the Western Americana Collection at The Bancroft Library, at the University of California, Berkeley   Title:  The Bancroft Library’s Irish American holdings Date:  Tuesday 24 April 2018 Time:  16:00 - 16:45, followed by an informal reception Venue:   Room G010 Hardiman Research Building, NUIG   Book here   Theresa Salazar lecture will be about the Michael O’Shaughnessy archive and other collections of Irish interest at the Bancroft Library , University of California Berkeley. The Michael Maurice O'Shaughnessy Papers represent one of the most heavily used collections at The Bancroft Library. The Library also has small, but rich, clutches of material related to Ireland's great writers, along with documentation of the contributions of many Irish Americans to the history of California. Ms. Salazar will touch on these holdings along

Learning Analytics: understand learning and support the learner

Learning Analytics: understand learning and support the learner   Mathieu d'Aquin lecture, Wednesday 2nd May 1300-1400   G011 Hardiman Research Building   In this presentation, organised by the University’s Research Data Working Group,  Mathieu d'Aquin will explore the growing area of learning analytics: the application of data analytics approaches to data from learning activities.   The presentation will look at typical applications, for example, to identify students at risk and find ways to support them better.   Mathieu will also describe more complex examples from the AFEL (Analytics for Everyday Learning) EU project, which looks at personal learning analytics for online, self-directed learning.      Biography : Mathieu d'Aquin is Professor of Informatics and Data Analytics and Vice-Director at the NUI Galway Data Science Institute, and PI at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. He has worked on many approaches to the intelligent manageme

[Update - Access Restored] Access to E-Resources Currently Down

Update 12:15pm Access to resources has been restored. Thanks for your patience. April 11th 11:00am Due to a problem with the Edugate service, access to databases, e-journals and e-books is currently being severely affected. Connections over campus wifi or from off-campus will not work for resources. ISS have been notified about the issue and are currently investigating.

Academic Writing and Innovation. Seminar on 17 April. James Hardiman Research Building G010

Innovation is seen as a key ingredient for success in academia, but we often take good academic writing for granted as a crucial skill in this process. We know from the work of Peter Elbow that writing is a creative and imaginative process, irrespective of the subject. Janet Giltrow has argued that ‘style is meaningful’ and impacts the development of ideas. More recently, Helen Sword has drawn attention to ‘stylish academic writing’, arguing that ‘intellectual creativity thrives best in an atmosphere of experimentation rather than conformity’. Yet the precise relationship between academic writing and innovation remains to be explored; to do so means to highlight the crucial importance of writing centres, writing instructors, and pedagogical initiatives to academia at large. This seminar will examine the connection between academic writing and innovation from a variety of perspectives, including the use of the Project Based Learning (PBL) and other innovative methodolo