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Reading List Service - Preparing for Semester II

  The Library's  Reading List Service  is  a one-stop teaching support service for academic staff. We are now preparing for the upcoming semester II. When you use our service we will:  prioritise your course materials  order required books/e-books request chapter and article digitisation  provide direct linking to the list from Canvas Training We are providing in-person  training sessions  to assist lecturers in publishing reading lists on the Reading List Service for the new academic year.  Alternatively lecturers can use the resources provided on our  Reading List Page Existing Reviewing List Owners We request that existing Reading list owners update their current lists by  December 1st . This will provide enough time for new books to be ordered and to be available for the new semester.  Further Information More information about using our   Reading List Service   including user guides, videos and training is available from the  Reading List page .   Please email readinglists@uni

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication: new e-resource

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication is a new online research encyclopedia dedicated to the large and diverse scholarly world of communication research. Launched in 2015, it publishes essays based on up-to-date, impactful scholarship written by respected authorities in the field and it currently contains 746 full-text articles.  The  Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication  was developed for researchers, teachers, and students interested in all facets of the study of communication. Essays examine the evolution and structure of research programs; the questions and puzzles that drive research; and the relationships between theory, methods, and empirical data. In doing so, they provide information about their subjects and also highlight unresolved questions and potential new directions for research. Access to the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication is available on the Library Catalogue .  Collection Development / Forbairt Bailiúchán

The Sunday Times Historical Archive, 1822-2016: access now available

The Library is delighted to have purchased perpetual access to  The Sunday Times Historical Archive 1822-2016 .  T his resource brings almost two centuries of news together, providing the complete run of the newspaper and its supplements, in one cross-searchable and browsable platform. Despite the similarity of names, The   Sunday Times  was an entirely separate paper from  The Times  until 1966, when both papers came under common ownership. The   Sunday Times  remains editorially independent from The   Times , with its own remit and perspective on the news. The Library already has access to  The T imes Digital Archive 1785-2019  and recently added extra years of content to bring this newspaper more up to date.  The Sunday Times is famous for many of its stories, including Kim Philby's outing as a Soviet spy, the thalidomide investigation, and the publishing of the forged Adolph Hitler diaries. Throughout its long history it has published many stories and historical items of Iris