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IReL: a valued research resource

Your Research is Valued Despite cutbacks, funding has been secured for the continuation of IReL (Irish Research eLibrary). This means that researchers will continue to have access to key research resources, thanks to vital support from HEA and IUA Council. Reduced costs have been achieved following major negotiations wit publishers. To mark this achievement, there will be a celebration launch by the University President, Dr James J Browne. The event will take place on Monday 5 July at 16.30 in the Library foyer. As part of the launch, Subject and Research Librarians will be present to discuss the advantages offered by IReL. Library staff will be pleased to welcome academic staff and researchers to the launch. Please email by 30 June if you would like to attend. IReL is a nationally funded electronic research library supporting researchers across a range of disciplines. It delivers quality peer-reviewed online research journals, databases and e-books to the

The Royal Society- Digital Journal Archive freely available to view until 30 July 2010!

The Royal Society, the national academy of science of the UK - Digital Journal Archive freely available to view until 30 July 2010! To access the archive, visit: About: The archive dates back to 1665 and contains in excess of 68,000 articles, from the first ever article published in our oldest journal Philosophical Transactions to the most recent interdisciplinary article published in our youngest journal Interface Focus. The Archive provides a record of some key scientific discoveries from the last 340 years including: Halley's description of 'his comet' in 1705; details of the double Helix of DNA by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1954; and Edmond Stone's breakthrough in 1763 that willow bark cured fevers, leading to the discovery of salicylic acid and later the development of aspirin. It also contains papers documenting the discovery of new planets, the first descriptions of organisms through a microscope, and the first

SFX is currently unavailable

SFX is currently undergoing urgent unscheduled maintenance and will be available shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

New Film e-Resources

Access is now available to the following e-resources via e-Knowledge at American Film Institute Catalog (AFI) Covers the history of American cinema comprehensively from 1893 to 1974, with records for selected major films from 1975-2008. International Index to Film Periodicals Plus (FIAF) Contains over 500,000 article citations from more than 345 of the world's foremost academic and popular film journals. Includes fulltext access to 47 journals. Film Indexes Online Allows you to cross-search American Film Institute Catalog (AFI), International Index to Film Periodicals Plus (FIAF) and Film Index International.

RIAN - Irish Research Online

A new online service now facilitates open access to a range of Irish research publications. RIAN provides a single portal for national research output made available on an open access basis. It contains publications from the insitutional repositories of the seven Irish universities and Dublin Insitute of Technology. RIAN will significantly increase the visibility and impact of Irish research, especially at a time when the ability to showcase research output and identify institutional research strengths is extremely important in attracting new funding and high quality staff. It is also timely in demonstrating the added value and economies of scale of a shared service approach nationally. The development of RIAN was managed by the Irish Universities Association Librarians' Group, and is supported by the Association. It is the result of a three year project which was equally funded by the universities and the Irish Government's Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF). Further information

Important - PC Suite - Notice

To facilitate hardware and software upgrading, the PC Suite on Floor 2 will be unavailable from Monday 14th June to Friday 16th July. Alternative computer/printing facilities will be available during this period via the PC Suite on Floor 1 of the James Hardiman Library, along with the two PC Suites in the Nursing Library extension. We apologise for any inconvenience.