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  Trades and businesses in early 20 th century Ireland This month, as many of our business are fighting hard to maintain their customers through online and take-way trading, we take a look at some of the businesses that existed in towns around Ireland on the eve of WWI. The Dublin, Leinster and Connaught Trades’ Directory was published in 1912, under the imprint of the Trades’ Directories company, based in Edinburgh and Birmingham. It includes 227 pages of county-by-county detail of businesses in cities, towns and villages in those parts of Ireland. It provides a snap shot of the types of trading activity that went on all around the country at that time. Over 100 years later, we can see that some of these enterprises are still with us while others, due to the passage of time or changes in fashion or technology, no longer have relevance. This page from the County Galway part of the directory shows how even a relatively small village like Ballygar, close to the border with County Ros

Sage Catalyst - Premium Sage E-books Now Available

    In order to expand access to core resources, the Library has taken out a one year subscription to Sage Catalyst, a major collection of Sage UK e-books.  Sage Catalyst  is a collection of 500 premium textbooks that covers a broad range of subject areas including: Business & Management Geography Research Methods,  Social Work & Sociology  Media & Communication Psychology & Counselling Politics Nursing,  Education  Sample titles include: Andy Field. Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistic s. Fifth ed., SAGE LTD, 2017. David Silverman. Interpreting Qualitative Data . Sixth ed., SAGE LTD, 2019. Jonathan Crawshaw. Human Resource Management Strategic and International Perspectives . Third ed., SAGE LTD, 2020. James W. Neuliep. Intercultural Communication A Contextual Approach . Eighth ed., SAGE Inc, 2020. Chatfield, Tom. Critical Thinking : Your Guide to Effective Argument, Successful Analysis & Independent Study . SAGE, 2018. T he Sage Catalyst titles  are acc

Elsevier e-Book Collection: Trial Access Ends 12th November

Trial access to all Elsevier e-books  is now available until 12th November 2020.  This e-book collection consists of 29,989 titles. A complete title list is available here. NOTE: Fulltext access is only available via the library catalogue. Please log in to and search for the Elsevier e-book you wish to access. We would welcome your feedback on this trial of Elsevier's e-book collection. A link to a trial feedback form is available from each e-book record on the library catalogue. Collection Development

Sage Knowledge Video Education: New Collection

Sage Knowledge Video Education is a streaming video collection. It contains 630+ videos comprising of over 120 hours of video. This subject collection was developed in partnership with leading academics and practitioners, to deliver educational and research-oriented video mapped to curricular needs.  Sage Knowledge Video Education offers a practical view into a full range of teaching settings and situations, from early years to educational leadership, to support students needing to understand theory or how to apply it in practice. View the complete title list. The videos cover a wide range of subject areas including: Classroom Discipline and Organization Early Childhood Education Educational Administration and Leadership Learning Theories Research Methods for Education Special & Inclusive Education Staff Development & Professional Learning Teaching Diverse Students Teaching Methods & Learning Styles Working with Parents, Families & Communities etc. Access to Sage Know

Ovid Medline Users - Saved Searches & AutoAlert Results

Please see the Update from Ovid: On 29 September, the NLM supplied us with an unexpected and unusually large set of replacements, containing 1.62 million records.  As we start to implement this huge update over the next weeks, we want to inform you, as it may affect some saved searches, and AutoAlert result counts for Ovid MEDLINE . What does this mean for Ovid MEDLINE users? We expect the impact for most Ovid users to be minimal, but we do recognize the following situations: If existing search strategies contain searches that include the IO or the JA field, they may retrieve different results after the updates are implemented. Please note that regular keyword searches (.mp) on Ovid do not include the Abbreviation fields, and are not affected. All status “In-Process”, “In Data Review” and “PubMed-Not-MEDLINE” records that are replaced will be alerted on. If your AutoAlert does not have “History deduplication” enabled, the updated records will