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New e-books on Gender & Diversity in the STEM subjects - a reading list

In support of our  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion  Strategy, the Library has  ordered a selection of recent e-books that explore and examine the under-representation of women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) fields. For ease of browsing we have created a reading list of these new titles - Gender & Diversity in STEM- New E-books .    All of these titles can also be accessed via t he  Library Catalogue .  T he promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is a key element of the  Library Strategy 2021-2025.                  Collection Development / Forbairt Bailiúchán

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science: new e-resource now available

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science is a substantive, peer-reviewed, and regularly updated online reference work.  The editor-in-chief outlines the coverage of this encyclopedia as follows: (1) the understanding of, and response to, the geophysical and biogeochemical system, including the sensitivity of the system to external drivers and its natural variability.  (2) the ubiquitous presence of communication and policymaking and the different cultural framings of climate, as well as the social process of climate science.  (3) the economic and climate policy issues at the international and at the local level. A special aim is to cover many regions of the world by interdisciplinary analyses of what climate, climate impacts, and perspectives on climate are as well as the options for, and the conditions and meaning of, societal response to climate. Access to the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science is available on the Library Catalogue .   Collection Development

The Times Digital Archive: increased coverage to 2019

  The Library has purchased seven additional years of fulltext coverage to  The Times Digital Archive.  Coverage of the digitised newspaper now runs from 1785-2019. The Times Digital Archive is an online, full-text facsimile of more than 200 years of The Times , one of the most highly regarded resources for eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century news coverage. This historical newspaper archive allows researchers the opportunity to search and view The Times in its original published context.  The Times  is the oldest daily newspaper in continuous publication. With over 12 million articles available, the archive supports research across multiple disciplines and areas of interest, including business, humanities, political science, and philosophy, along with coverage of all major international historical events. Access to The Times Digital Archive is available on the library catalogue . Collection Development / Forbairt Bailiúchán

AM Explorer Primary Sources - New Library Resource Available

    The Library has taken out a 12 month subscription to the  AM Explorer Primary Sources  database.   AM Explorer is the platform interface to Adam Matthews' primary source content of  130 digital collections spanning the social sciences and humanities.  Examples of the digital collections available are: African American Communities 1863-1986 American History 1493-1945 Defining Gender 1400-1949 East India Company 1600-1947 London Low Life 1700-1900 Slavery, Abolition and Popular Culture 1400s-2000s Victorian Popular Culture 1779-1930 Historical digital material available includes correspondence, diaries, ephemera, i llustrations, periodicals & printed books, legal documents & maps, newspapers, official records & oral histories.    Search AM Explorer  by keyword or browse  the fascinating  AM Explorer list of collection s . Collection Development / Forbairt Bailiúchán

Mental Health Week / Seachtain na Meabhairshláinte (09/10/23 -13/10/23)

The Library is marking Mental Health Week / Seachtain na Meabhairshláinte with a display of mental health and mindfulness books in the Library Foyer.  This display contains a range of titles such as: Overcoming Depression and Low Mood  (e-book) Gardening for Mind, Body Soul Stress N' Stuff: Tackling Student Stress Anxiety@University Headcase: LGBTQ Writers & Artists on Mental Health and Wellness            All the books are available for borrowing and e-book versions are available for some of the titles. Search the Library Catalogue to find other titles of interest in both print and online formats.  See the University of Galway SU Mental Health Week / Seachtain na Meabhairshláinte  web page for more events taking place. Collection Development / Forbairt Bailiúchán