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Knowable Magazine (from Annual Reviews)

What is known? What isn’t known? Knowable Magazine , the digital publication from Annual Reviews , seeks to make that knowledge accessible to all. Knowable Magazine explores the real-world significance of scholarly work through a journalistic lens. It reports on the current state of play across a wide variety of fields — from agriculture to high-energy physics; biochemistry to water security; the origins of the universe to psychology. Review articles written by leading scholars from the 50 Annual Reviews journals serve as springboards for stories in Knowable Magazine. Through in-depth features, explainers, articles, essays, interviews, infographics, slideshows, and comics, Knowable Magazine presents insights from research to a broader audience. Knowable Magazine content is thoroughly researched, reported, edited, copy-edited and fact-checked. Access to Knowable Magazine is available here. Collection Development

The Academic Writing Centre to Open on 1 July

The AWC is pleased to announce that thanks to a generous grant provided by the Dean of Students, Dr Michelle Millar, we will be able to open in July and August for special workshops, write-in sessions, and one-on-one consultations.  Booking and Time-table.  The following workshops will be available for booking from 28 June via the library training events portal. (The workshops will take place during the following times: Mon 11-1 or 3-5, Tue 11-1 or 3-5, Friday 11-1 or 3-5) 1. Dissertation Write-in  2. General Write-in  3. Using Sources Correctly 4. Editing Techniques 5. Academic Writing and Dyslexia 6. Reading Difficult Texts 7. Writing and Exams 8. Time Management, Writing, and the Pomodoro Technique.  One-on-one appointments and phone consultations will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. To book, simply email stating your preferred time. We'd love to hear from those of you working on repeat assignments and we are h

PsycINFO Database Changes

Please see the message below from OVID RE the PsycINFO reload: The PsycINFO database will be reloaded by OVID. The reload will implement the latest APA Thesaurus Tool. We expect it to be live on Tuesday 28 May, 2019 .  Change to MP searching: By customer request, we are adding the PsycINFO MesH (MH) field to the .MP field list for unqualified searches. After the reload, Ovid Advanced Search will change its default fields for PsycINFO to: [mp=title, abstract, heading word, table of contents, key concepts, original title, tests & measures, MeSH] Please note, this change may affect (increase) the results output of existing saved searches and AutoAlerts when MesH terms are used in .mp searches. APA Thesaurus changes (already in place) As announced on 16 March 2019, Ovid has applied new APA thesaurus tool in advance of the reload. The following changes have been implemented already: 25 existing subject headings* are being replaced in the new APA thesauru