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Reading List Service - New List View

The new reading list interface is now available. This new view improves the overall reading list experience, by providing additional information on each item, without needing to leave the list page. It incorporates:  improved graphical layout book covers (where available) more immediate access to online links and holdings for students notes and ‘reading intentions’ made by students easier to set  The image below displays an example of the new interface. Click here to view the live  reading list  .  More information about our reading list service including dates of our current summer training is available from the Reading List Service page. Collection Development

Music Resources - trials now available

Trials of the following music resources from Alexander Street (ProQuest) are now available until 30 June: Music Online: Classical Music Library Music Online: Classical Music Reference Library Music Online: Classical Scores Library Package (Vols. I-IV) Music Online: Music Periodicals of the 19th Century Access to the trials and further information on each resource is available here . We would welcome your feedback on these resources. Please submit your feedback via the link available for each trial. Collection Development