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The United States Open Access Mandate

The United States Open Access Mandate – what does it mean for us? Open Scholarship Librarian Hardy Schwamm comments on the recent US announcement of changes of Open Access policies of government-funded research.   Announcement of new US policy on Twitter     What happened? On 25 August 2022, the US White House announced an updated policy guidance on Open Access that will substantially expand public access to science. It requires that all US government-funded research to be made freely available to read immediately after publication. This means no embargoes would be acceptable. Federal research bodies need to implement the new policy by the end of 2025. What are the policy changes? Researchers in the US who publish papers based on federal funds currently have two options. They can either make an article Open Access on publication by paying an Article Processing Charge (APC) to the publisher (Gold Open Access). Or they can publish it in a subscription-based journal but then put t