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Publishing an Open Access Monograph

  In our Open Voices series we are talking to Dr  Éamon Ó Cofaigh , who recently published the monograph “ A Vehicle for Change. Popular Representations of the Automobile in 20th-Century France ”. It is available from  Liverpool University Press  as an  Open Access Monograph  free to download (or as a printed copy for  £34.99).  We talked to Éamon about his book and about his experience of publishing a monograph Open Access. A Vehicle for Change book cover   Hardy: Éamon, thanks for talking to me and congratulations on publishing your book. Éamon : Thank you very much. Hardy: We will talk about what it is like to publish an Open Access Monograph, but first can you please summarise what your book is about? Éamon : Well, my book is based on my PhD thesis which I completed in 2015 and it's about how the automobile was and is consumed in France. I look at popular representations of the car and see how they evolved. For example, I look at motorsport and see how it was used as a v

Lexis+ UK platform

The Library will be switching to the newer Lexis+ UK platform on Monday night (August 29 th ) . Lexis+ UK brings a single integrated search to Legal Research and Practical Guidance, surfacing the legal insights and intelligence that will drive success. This intuitive platform enables you to quickly and easily answer legal questions, develop winning strategies, and accomplish tasks. Lexis+ UK Brings unprecedented efficiency to your legal workflow so that you can focus on solving your clients’ challenges and add more value to them in less time. Remember all Library resources including Lexis+ can be accessed via the Library Catalogue: The Library will be offering online training sessions on the new platform during the first semester, please make sure to follow the Library on all social media platforms for more information on when these sessions will be held.

Academic Staff - Let our Reading List Service support you for the new academic year

The Library's Reading List Service is  a one-stop teaching support service for academic staff. We are providing in-person training sessions to assist lecturers in publishing reading lists on the Reading List Service for the new academic year.  When you use our service we will:  prioritise your reading lists   order required books/e-books request chapter and article digitisation  provide direct linking to the list from Blackboard for your students In addition, the Reading List Service fully supports the teaching cycle: There is no requirement for separate book ordering or scanning requests  Once the reading list is created, it will roll forward for the next academic year Reading lists can be shared if there are a number of staff teaching a module Each list has a durable URL that allows for sharing i.e. it can be added to Akari   View the following sample  reading list  with links to our Library and web resources. Getting Started 1. Log into our Reading List System and create a sh