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Plant Atlas 2020 & related books

Plant Atlas 2020: Mapping Changes in the Distribution of the British and Irish Flora is the most in-depth survey of British and Irish flora ever undertaken, based on more than 30 million individual records. This new publication presents the results of field surveys by the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, building on past atlas surveys undertaken by the Botanical Society in the early and late twentieth century.  Drawing on the work of thousands of botanists who covered the entirety of Britain and Ireland between 2000 and 2019, this book features introductory chapters that provide a detailed assessment of the changes to the region’s flora over the past hundred years.  Plant Atlas 2020 contains a wealth of distribution maps and accompanying text and graphics display the phenology, altitudinal range, and time-series trends for 2,616 native and alien species and 247 hybrids. The online version of Plant Atlas 2020 is available here and print copies of Vol. I and Vol. II (1,524 pa

LGBTQ+ Resources on Kanopy Video Streaming Service

The Library has access to an excellent range of LGBTQ+ films and documentaries via our Kanopy video streaming service. Listed below are the main subject categories for browsing. All of these titles are also available from our Library Catalogue and can be incorporated into reading lists .   LGBT Activism LGBTQ Cinema LGBTQ History LGBT Artists International LGBT Studies Transgender Studies LGBT Filmmakers Lesbian Documentaries LGBT Families and Youth Kanopy  has thousands of available films to stream.  Viewers can add films to their watchlists, create  film clips and playlists  highlighting particular sections or lists of films.    Kanopy  is accessed via the Library catalogue and a mobile app is also available. Collection Development