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Does the Library not have the book you need?

We welcome suggestions and recommendations from students for books you'd like to see added to the Library's holdings. Please use the online Suggestion Form .

Internships for Library School students

Are you interested in a career in Librarianship, and are applying for Library School? Most Library schools have a requirement for in-service training, pre-Library school work experience, or placement as part of their Library and Information Studies Programmes. As a CONUL member Library, and in support of the profession, the James Hardiman Library have committed to accepting one student who has been accepted for a place in an Irish or UK Library School. Our Staff Development Group has worked on a placement programme to ensure that students benefit to the maximum from their time with us, gaining experience in each of our major divisions, and at the same time making a meaningful contribution to the work of the Library. Timing : We have a preference for placements during the summer vacation. Minimum duration is six weeks full-time attendance. Archives students – these normally seek post course completion experience for 3-4 weeks – requests for such will be considered separately and are m