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Intermittent problems linking to EBSCO database articles

  We are currently experiencing some problems linking to journal articles from EBSCO databases from within the Library catalogue. The problems happen intermittently, so you might not always have difficulty getting to EBSCO articles. When clicking the link to access an EBSCO article, you may find yourself landing on the EBSCO databases homepage, rather than the article you’re looking for. The problem is only for EBSCO journal article links, linking to journal titles from the catalogue is working normally. We’ve reported the issue, and our system providers are actively working on a solution. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. As a workaround, take a look at the catalogue entry to see what journal the article is published in:   You’ll also find the Volume, Issue and usually Page Number for the article too. All you have to do now is do a catalogue search for the Journal title, and follow the link through to the journal homepage. From there yo

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