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Understanding Altmetrics to determine where your research is gaining attention

Next Wednesday, 28th February,   Jane Burns, Altmetric Ambassador for Ireland  will give a public lecture on:   Understanding Altmetrics to determine where your research is gaining attention The lecuture will take place in Room G010, Hardiman Research Building Come and hear her speak to gain an understanding of Altmetrics and how they can complement traditional bibliometric measurements for your research impact. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about how to use Altmetrics to identify potential collaborators, to engage with and develop your online research profile. Jane Burns is an experienced Library & Information Professional.  Jane has recently been appointed as Manager of Information, Library & Web Services for the Irish Hospice Foundation.  She is a part time Lecturer at the School of Information & Communication Studies and the School of Education at University College Dublin.  She is currently pursing a PhD in Education at UC

Archives and Special Collections 2017 report and Connaught Journal donation

Launch of The Archives and Special Collections in 2017 Report and Donation of Rare Issues of the Connaught Journal Date: Tue 27 February, 1730 Venue: Bridge Room (#1001), Floor 1, Hardiman Research Building, followed by a reception in HRB Room 004 From the Michael M. O'Shaughnessy collection 2017 was an exciting year for the archives and special collections at NUI Galway. The collections featured in many publications by staff from this University and elsewhere and also featured in many exhibitions, seminars and in a range of teaching programmes. They stimulated connections with major institutions worldwide, brought distinguished visitors to the campus and attracted media coverage. Outreach activities, cataloguing and digital innovation all extended the local and global reach of the collections. Major new additions have further strengthened our holdings in areas such as the Irish language, the Northern Ireland Troubles, left-wing politics and local hist

The AWC Editing Competition

#EditMeNUIG AWC: Twitter Competition. Round 3. Describe the competition The AWC posts a long sentence. Whoever shortens it in the most elegant way without losing any important ideas or information wins the prize. What is the purpose of the competition? To draw attention to the editing process and to bust the myth that good writing is just a function of talent and inspiration. There is no ‘good writing’, just good editing. Really? Absolutely. If writing is about catching your raw ideas, editing is about giving them form. Some people think editing is the same as proofreading, but this is not the case. You’re  saying editing is not the same as proofreading? When you proofread, you look for minute errors, but you do not change the text. When you edit, you look for more interesting ways to express your ideas. You do not look for mistakes. You do not beat yourself up. You are supposed to have fun. So what do the results of the competition tell us about approaches to

The Library Survey

  Library Survey  In total, 2165 students and staff completed the survey, 59.8% of respondents were Undergrad students, 26.5% were Postgrad students and 13.7% were Staff. Each of the 1220 comments received were analysed and were grouped into categories. Each category was reviewed and where possible an action plan was drawn up to address the issues raised. This infographic  outlines some of the major actions we are taking to address the issues raised by our users. The 2018 survey will be run during March, by completing the survey you can provide us with lots of feedback which helps us with our planning process.  Prize Winner The winner of the participants prize was Silvia Gagliardi, who is a PhD student in the Irish Centre for Human Rights. Here she is receiving her prize from John Cox, University Librarian.

IEEE Xplore Access *Restored*

9th Feb: Access to the IEEE platform has been restored. 7th Feb 09:00 : Access to IEEE Xplore Journals, Ebooks and Conference Papers is currently down. We're working on fixing this and hope to be back up within the next 24 hours. Apologies for any inconvenience