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Imirce is LIVE - Thousands of Irish emigrant letters now available online

The University of Galway Library is pleased to announce that Imirce is now live. Imirce is a digital repository of thousands of Irish emigrant letters and memoirs dating from the late 1600s through to the mid-20th century. The letters and memoirs were collected from the Irish diaspora community in the U.S. and Ireland over five decades of research by Kerby A. Miller, Emeritus Professor of History at University of Missouri and Honorary Professor of History at University of Galway. Miller donated his collection to the University of Galway Library in 2021. Visit Imirce at . The initial phase of Imirce has concentrated on organising the collection of emigrant letters gathered by Kerby A. Miller and establishing a digital platform for these documents. The Kerby A. Miller Collection totals more than 150,000 pages, including approximately 7,000 letters, along with other important historical documents from Irish emigrants and their relatives, such as memoirs, gene