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Open Educational Resources: 10 Projects

The NUI Galway OER project is delighted to announce the funding of 10 impactful and innovative OER projects in NUI Galway. This project will create OER that will be used in teaching and research in NUI Galway and further afield. 

Northern Ireland Centenary: see what's in our Archives & Special Collections

  The Centenary Historical Advisory Panel appointed by the British government to advise on the events relating to the centenary of the state of Northern Ireland declared 3 May 2021 as the official centenary date. As we know only too well there are almost as many opinions on this event as the number of years that have elapsed. Even the existence of the panel itself has not been without controversy. Perhaps, in order to inform oneself further about the issues, it would be worthwhile examining some of the resources available through Special Collections and Archives in order to gain a better understanding of its history. The printed collections include some significant examples of tourist literature produced by and for the Northern Ireland administration, particularly in the years following World War II. The slim volume, Northern Ireland , is No.13 of a series entitled About Britain . It was published to coincide with the Festival of Britain in 1951.  It includes a portrait essay by