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Christmas Books and Books for Christmas

Th e Library has set up a display of books for the festive season  on the Ground Floor adjacent to the Library & IT Desk. This display includes books and some DVDs with a Christmas theme.  It also includes a selection of new books from the Popular Reading Collection, including some award-winning titles from  An Post Irish Book Awards 2022 .  You are welcome to borrow any of the displayed titles or have a browse of our Popular Reading Collection for some reading over the Christmas period and the new year. Some highlights include: My Fourth Time, We Drowned - Sally Hayden (An Post Irish Book of the Year) Trespasses  - Louise Kennedy (Eason Novel of the Year) Time and Tide - Charlie Bird (Dubray Biography of the Year) An Irish Atlantic Rainforest – Eoghan Daltun (Lifestyle Book of the Year) Kellie – Kellie Harrington, with Roddy Doyle (Eason Sports Book of the Year) El - Thaddeus Ó Buachalla (Love Leabhar Gaeilge Irish Language Book of the Year) Lessons  - Ian McEwan Again, Rachel

Library Awarded Project as part of Ireland’s National Action Plan for Open Research 2022-2030

The National Action Plan for Open Research 2022-2030 was launched 21 November by the National Open Research Forum (NORF) . The University of Galway was awarded €220,000 to lead Action 2 on Open Access (OA) Repository Assessment and Alignment . This work is a key project to lead the national transition to open research as part of a national action plan. Open access repositories are typically operated by research active institutions to openly publish their own research. For example, the library provides a suite of open publishing platforms. The platform involved in this project is the open access publications and data repository, ARAN . This project starts a national programme of repository alignment and takes steps to develop a standardised national approach while aligning infrastructure with international best practice .  The Library is working with 13 national partners to deliver on this collective vision during the two-year project . The partners are the University of Limerick, May