Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science: new e-resource now available

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science is a substantive, peer-reviewed, and regularly updated online reference work. 

The editor-in-chief outlines the coverage of this encyclopedia as follows:

(1) the understanding of, and response to, the geophysical and biogeochemical system, including the sensitivity of the system to external drivers and its natural variability. 

(2) the ubiquitous presence of communication and policymaking and the different cultural framings of climate, as well as the social process of climate science. 

(3) the economic and climate policy issues at the international and at the local level.

A special aim is to cover many regions of the world by interdisciplinary analyses of what climate, climate impacts, and perspectives on climate are as well as the options for, and the conditions and meaning of, societal response to climate.

Access to the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science is available on the Library Catalogue.  

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