Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Scopus Interface Enhancements

Scopus have implemented some upgrades to their interface, and particularly their analysis tools. See below for more information.

Scopus interface improvements released 

Since launching a more streamlined interface in February, the Scopus Team has been working on additional site developments that include enhancing Scopus analysis tools as well as improving ORCID functionality.

Taking a close look at the Scopus analysis tools, the team made some changes that better support day-to-day research tasks. As a result all analysis tools have been redesigned to provide a more consistent experience across Scopus. Specifically, these 3 tools have been improved and renamed and now include new features such as the option to export charts and graphs.

Old Scopus name
New Scopus name
Location on Scopus
Analyze Results
Analyze Search Results
Document Search Result page
Author Evaluator
Analyze Author Output
Author Details page
Analyze Journals
Compare Journals
Main search page

New Analyze Search Results illustrating documents by subject area:

Analyze Search Results

New Analyze Author Output with enhanced h-index indicator:

New Compare Journals:

Compare Journals

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