Thursday, 4 September 2014

Have you completed your first year in University? Tell us how you got on developing your Academic Skills!

Did you have the academic skills needed for success at University when you started first year? 

Did you know there were supports available in NUI Galway to help you develop those skills? 

Did you avail of those supports?

We’d love to know whether you knew about the supports available in NUI Galway and whether they helped improve your experience of first year in University.

 If you choose to provide your email address, you’ll be entered into a prize draw.

NUI Galway has a range of different services that provide support for students’ academic skills :

·         The Academic Writing Centre


Oliver E. Manke said...

Every class contains fast learner and slow learner students. These two “fast and slow” rivers move together. We cover the explanation and the conclusion of the topic together in the writing. We write academically assignment, check here and project reports for students.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have completed and it was an awesome experience. I still remember it was the best time when I impressed teachers with my academic skills but still I improved myself more. So just like this link you must search our more blogs for reading.

David Warner said...

Helpful post.

David Warner said...

Yes, James, I have complete my first-year university life. My academic skill increases slowly. I also told that I am not expert. I have a lot of phd interview question. But I am not clear this question answers. Thanks for this post. If possible I will contact by Gmail.

Luis Cobb said...

I have passed my university years ago and as far as university first year is concerned it was quite superb and great from learning point of view.There are best best phd thesis experts sites where good thesis are available.