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Digital Material - Print/Screen, expanding the Digital Library at the Library

Print/Screen, expanding the Digital Library at the Library

Library staff recently contributed to the excellent Digital Material conference that took place in NUI Galway from May 21 – 22, 2015. The Digital Material conference considered the intersections of digital and material cultures in the humanities. Library staff provided a panel labelled ‘Print/Screen’ Expanding the Digital Library at the Library. The speakers from the Library were as follows:
  • Aisling Keane & Kieran Hoare - “Partnerships, Metadata and Possibilities: Digital Preservation in the Archives.”
  • Cillian Joy - “Digital Preservation Workflows and Integrations.”
  • Niall McSweeney & Barry Houlihan - “From the Cloud to the Reading-Room: Digital Archives in Research, Learning and Teaching.

Slides from the panel

More about the Library panel

From the digital material conference web site:
“Information content in current academia and research is balancing between the point of the material and the digital. The Library as a traditional repository of information will fulfil its same core function but is moving forward to operate and engage with digital content in continuingly developing ways. The library as facilitator of and access point to scholarship, including providing support for, and promoting publications, research data, institutional data, archives and special collections, print and book resources and open access to research and other resources and services, is adapting to how users engage with these resources, how information is access, preserved and consumed.
This panel will present and explore the points where and how the Hardiman Library meets ‘Digital Library’. This includes describing and outlining the digital library programme and digital scholarship enablement strategy, digital archive projects and collections, partnerships, content integration issues, programmes of outreach, exhibitions and teaching of digital and material archives as well as issues of changing user practice in experiencing archival material in its print vs. digital form. How we as curators of information document, preserve, and publish information, both in print and on screen, will affect how users interact and engage with digital scholarship and also further dictate the balancing tipping point of information between material and digital.”

Read more about the Library’s panel at the digital material conference - http://digitalmaterial.ie/programme/panel-11/
Big thanks to Justin Tonra for a great conference.

Read about the conference as it happened

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