Wednesday, 9 July 2014

We Need to Talk about……Reading Lists…..again

A reading list for Natural Philosophy from the 1878 University Calendar
This summer we are again requesting that reading lists be submitted to the Library at the earliest opportunity. It is only by doing so that we can ensure that the required reading materials are available for your students in the new semester.

Remember that once a list is sent in:
  • The Library will check the list to make sure all the book and references are available.
  • We will order additional copies of books depending on the size of class and place these books on the appropriate loan period i.e. 3 day or 1 day loan.
  • If you indicate that a particular book is required by a large number of students for a short period of time, we will place a copy of the book in our High Use machine, which will make it available to students for 3 hours in-library use only.
  • We will purchase e-copies of high demand books if available
  • If required print articles will be scanned and made available via Blackboard
  • If indicated book chapters can also be scanned and links placed on Blackboard. (Note there is a limit of 5% of pages or one chapter from any one book)

If you have sent us your list in the past and have not made any changes, there is no need to resubmit the list.  However, if you’ve never submitted the reading requirements for your modules or you’ve made changes to the list, please send on your reading list(s) to with the following information:

  • Identify what is essential reading and what is background reading
  • Indicate where one chapter is essential reading
  • Indicate if a chapter/book is required for a particular week
  • Module name and code
  • Approximate no of students

A Reading List for Law from the 1878 University Calendar 

Feedback on Reading Lists
Despite our best efforts we estimate that the most we have ever received are lists of required reading for about 21% of modules across the Schools. In fairness the submission rate does vary across Schools and we recognise that readings lists will be more relevant in certain subject areas than others. 

Nevertheless this low submission rate does beg some questions. We would appreciate if you could take a moment and quickly give us your opinion on reading lists in the modern teaching context. Some points to take into account.

  • The value of reading lists to you
  • Why submission rates are so low
  • Do you think the Library should concentrate more resources in this area?

We would be grateful if you could send on your comments by email to . This feedback will help us greatly with future plans for dealing with high demand Library resources.

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