Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Irish Times Online – where and how to access

One of the more frequent questions we receive in the Library is regarding online access to the Irish Times.  We have electronic access but not through a direct subscription via the Irish Times website. Instead we access through our databases. 

To find the Irish Times Online:
  • open our Library Catalogue and sign in
  • search for Irish Times
  • the following results display our print, microfilm and online links to the Irish Times
  • the bottom two links within the black lines provide our main online links to the newspaper

The Irish Times (Online Access)
Current Irish Times content is available through Proquest, accessible via the Irish Times link above. The newspaper is updated on the database within a day of the print and the content - not images - are made available. The articles are listed in order by page from the newspaper and it can be browsed or searched by date.  

Irish Times Archive (1859-2012)
The Irish Times Archive  is a more sophisticated resource providing the newspaper in a superb digitised format from 1859-2012. This database is an excellent research tool providing the paper as a social and historical resource with articles, photographs, supplements, advertisements  -all the elements that compose a newspaper. 

Nexis (not in list)
The Nexis Newspaper database provides alternative access to the Irish Times covering the years from 1991- to present.  It provides content but not images or digitised formats. It does, however also cover the Irish Independent, the Irish Examiner and a number of other national and provincial titles.

To access Irish newspapers on Nexis:
  • Open our Library Catalogue and sign in
  • Search for Nexis
  • Click on the title 
  • Once the database opens select Irish Publications within the Sources Menu
  • Carry out a search
  • The newspapers are displayed on left, the articles down the centre of screen

Many more electronic newspapers are available, so check out our Newspapers page for more information about the range of titles and formats available in the Library 

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