House of Lords Parliamentary Papers, 1800-1910 - Available Now

The Library has acquired full access to the House of Lords Parliamentary Papers, 1800-1910

This is an extremely important online collection detailing the workings of the British State and Empire during the nineteenth century and includes a great deal of Irish related content. 

It supplements and enhances our existing access to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1801-2010

Previously unknown material has been made available such as statistical data, oral evidence, and letters and business papers relating to not only Britain, but also to the many parts of the world that were under British influence. 

The total collection is made up of more than 38000 documents, totally some 2.1 million digitised pages. 

Researchers now can:

  • Explore a whole host of issues for the period including conditions of the mining industry (top right image) and the famine in Ireland (image below)
  • Access the the accounts and papers, bills and reports of House of Lord commissioners and committees  
  • Compare different versions of bills between the legislative bodies and track legislation that originated in Lords
  • Read essential evidence heard by the Lords, but not  included in the Commons Papers 
The House of Lords Parliamentary Papers are accessed via the Library Catalogue.

Note: The Advanced Search option within the U.K Parliamentary Papers allows you to limit the search to distinct collections available.


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