Service of the Month: Library & IT Service Desk

The Library's Service of the Month is a way for us to showcase services which you may not be aware of, we would like to introduce you to the this month's service which is the

Library & IT Service Desk - Library Services
(Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!)

Using your Student ID and Password you can log into the Library’s catalogue. The catalogue is a listing of all the books, journals, theses etc… that the Library owns as well as our electronic resources that you have access to.

Your Library account will list the books you have out on loan and the associated due dates. The due date of an item will change if is auto-renewed (where the date is extended) or if the item is recalled (where the date will be shortened).

Your account also keeps a record of any items you have requested, items that are either on loan to another user or that are not accessible on the Library’s shelves and it keeps a note of any fines that you have accrued. Fines will appear on your account once the late item has been returned.

Finding the right book!

The Library and IT Service Desk (LIT) Team are on hand to show you how to use the catalogue if you have any difficulty and will direct you to the location of specific items within the Library. Our colleagues in Academic Skills have created this useful Library Guide (LibGuides) to support you in your searches.

If the item is not on the shelf the LIT Team will search for it and let you know when we find it. If it cannot be located and is presumed lost we will contact Collection Development where a determination will be made whether to purchase a new copy.

Once you have the item you require you can check it out yourself through the self-check machines in the Library. If you have any difficulty in using the machine the LIT Team will assist you in checking out the items to your account.

If an item you require is not featured in the catalogue postgraduate students can request it through Inter Library Loans. Our colleagues in ILL will notify you when the item arrives in and you can collect it from the LIT Desk. Once you have finished with the item, or when the item is due to be returned, you must return it to the LIT Desk and not through the normal returns channels. You may wish to borrow items from the MakerSpace these can be collected from and returned to the LIT Desk. Any 3D prints can also be collected from the LIT Desk.

Basement / Closed Access

You can place a request on items that are listed as being in the Library’s collection but are held either in the Library Basement or in off-site storage. Students are not permitted to access the Basement. Please allow up to 48 hours for retrieval, however, the process is usually much quicker depending on the item. When the item is ready for collection, you will be notified via your NUI Galway email and SMS (if we have your mobile). The items can be collected from Holds Room behind the LIT Desk and you can check them out to your account through the self-check machine located in this room.


Most items can be returned through the returns box at the Library entrance. Some items, such as ILL, must be returned to the LIT Desk.


The length of time you can keep an item for varies on the item and your status, i.e. undergraduate, postgraduate, staff etc… Details on the different loan limits are listed here.

If another user places a request on an item that you have borrowed you will receive notification through your NUI Galway email to return it to the Library before the original due date. This process is known as recall or shortened due date and it ensures that items that are in high demand get circulated among all users. On returning the item, you can place a request on it and borrow it again.

If you borrow an item and do not return it on the day it is due, and if no one else has placed a request on it, the item will auto-renew and you will not receive a late fine. It is a good idea to log in to your Library account regularly to keep an eye on this. Renewals do not apply to one day loans.

Theses can also be requested and referred to within the Library. More recent theses are available online through the catalogue but older items must be requested. These can be collected from and returned to the LIT Desk. It is not possible to take a thesis out of the Library. Similarly, journals that are not available on-line cannot be loaned out of the Library.


If you fail to return items to the Library by the due date a fine will be applied to your account. Once the fine reaches €5 you will be unable to borrow any more items (even if you have not reached your loan limit). From 2022, exam results will be withheld for the non-payment of fines.

IT Services Provided at the LIT Desk: 

The Library and IT (LIT) Service Desk provides customer service support and Level 1 technical support to students.

As a registered student of NUI Galway you are issued with a username (8 digit number) and you set your own password. You use these login credentials to access all your campus accounts including your email, Blackboard and library accounts.

Sometimes, you might forget your password. When this happens you can log a ticket with the ticketing system and a member of the LIT Team will respond to your request as soon as possible.

The LIT Team will also assist you in connecting you to NUIGalway WIFI (Eduroam) and will guide you in downloading the required drivers to enable on-campus printing.

We can unlock your Blackboard accounts if you get locked out, and, if your modules are not appearing in Blackboard we can check to see if you have registered for them correctly and if you have we will escalate the issue to ISS.

Registered students of NUI Galway are entitled to a range of Software applications. If you require SPSS, NVivo, Endnote or MiniTab email with the name of the software in the Subject or Body of the email and you will receive an auto-response with the requested software license. Other applications NUI Galway has licenses for can be requested through the ticketing system.

NUI Galway students have free access to Office 365 and the Computing Assistants on the LIT Team are happy to assist you with questions you have relating to this package.


Contact Us

There are many years of library experience at the LIT Desk and whatever your query we will either be able to resolve it or refer you to the most appropriate colleague for a resolution– list of teams

The LIT Team can be contacted either at the LIT Desk, through online chat, email, or phone 091 493399.

For full access to our Library Catalogue, you must log in with your Student ID & Password.