Thursday, 1 November 2018

*Update: Access Restored* Problems Accessing All E-resources

Update: A fix was implemented by ISS overnight, and access to our e-resources has been restored.

There is a small chance that your computer will appear to be denied access still. If this is the case, refresh your browser (Ctrl+F5) or clear out your browser cache and cookies, and this will restore access back to normal.
Apologies once again for any inconvenience this might have caused you.


Due to IP address problems on the NUIG campus network, there are currently problems accessing all e-resources (databases, ejournals, ebooks, etc).

ISS have been informed of the problem.

There are some possible workarounds that may work for you, but we can't guarantee success with any of them unfortunately:

  • If you can use the campus WiFi (NUIGWiFi or Eduroam) network rather than a LAN cable, you may be able to access some resources.
  • Another option is to sign in to your Campus Account at and then use the Library Catalogue to navigate through to the e-resources you want to use.

We apologise for the interruptions in access to our e-resources, and we hope ISS will have the issue rectified soon.

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