Monday, 22 October 2018

Back Issues of 1000+ Springer Journals now available

Through the IReL consortium, the Library has now access to the back issues of over 1000 Springer Journals. These journals cover a range of disciplines and go back in many instances to the very first volume of the title.
Subjects covered are from the following areas:

Examples of journal titles with expanded coverage include:
Archives of Virology Vol 1 1939-
Astrophysics Vol 1 1965-
The Botanical Review Vol 1 1935-
Environmental Geology Vol 1 1975-
European Biophysics Journal Vol 1 1974-
Int. Journal of Early Childhood Vol 1 1969-
Journal of Genetics Vol 1 1910-
Journal of Materials Science Vol 1 1966-
Law & Philosophy Vol 1 1982-
Marine Biology Vol 1 1967-
Sexuality & Disability Vol 1 1978- 
Water, Air & Soil Pollution Vol 1 1971- 

A full list of the Springer titles is available for consultation (Note that the years given are the backfile years and do not include the current subscription years to the journals).
Access to all these journal titles (inc. back issues) is via the Library Catalogue.

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