Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wikipedia Editathon: Women in History. An AWC and Wikimedia Community Ireland Event. Learn How to Contribute to Wikipedia Using Library Resources.

To mark the Women’s History Month, the Wikimedia Community Ireland and the Academic Writing Centre at the James Hardiman Library are proud to present an editathon on Women in History.
 The event aims to help turn students into active users and contributors to Wikipedia.  
Participants will be able to hone their editing, writing, and research skills.At the moment, there is a debate whether Wikipedia has a place in third-level education.  Should students feel ashamed when using Wikipedia to check facts or dates of a particular historical event? Should teachers encourage students to read only reputable published sources and to avoid consulting Wikipedia? Or can Wikipedia be a useful teaching and learning tool?
The Galway Women in History editathon will explore these and other questions while working to enrich the available corpus of articles on women in history. 


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