Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Tragic Vandalism of a book on Tragic French Drama

The ripping out of pages from Library books is deeply frustrating for students and Library staff alike. It is a selfish act and damages the Library's collections for current and future students.

Below are the colourful responses from fellow students to the removal of three important pages on the play Phèdre from the book 'French Tragic Drama in the Sixteenth and Seventeeth Centuries' by Geoffrey Brereton. In this instance we were fortunate in that we were able to secure a second hand copy of this out-of-print book but that is not always possible.

If you do come across damaged books please bring them to the attention of Library staff. Remember that students can photocopy or scan a chapter of a text for personal use so there is never an excuse for spoiling a book.

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