Monday, 13 March 2017

Accessing the Library's databases? Don't use Internet Explorer

Over the past year, more and more of our database providers have worked to increase the security of their resources. In addition to this, databases are becoming more technically complex and offer a huge suite of options for you to choose to make your research better.

However, the increase in security and complexity means that Internet Explorer regularly has problems when trying to display content from these databases. Problems include false security warnings, .pdfs of articles not displaying, even the layout of the database not displaying properly.

As a result, we would recommend using either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari as the best browsers to maximise your search experience, and make the full range of database tools available to you. In addition, the recent security upgrades on all these browsers will ensure a safe web experience.

As always, we would reccommend accessing our resources by searching the Library catalogue, and signing into your campus account.

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