Tuesday, 22 September 2015

3 Steps to 3D Printing in the library Makerspace

The new makerspace in the library is scheduled to open in October but in the meantime we are now ready to start our 3D printing service.

All 3D print requests will be FREE for an introductory period until the end of November 2015.

Here are a couple of examples of what we have printed so far -

A model of a Hep. B virus - 4 hours to print

Stewart Coffin Cube Puzzle

Here are the steps you will follow to get your FREE 3D printed item -

3 Steps to 3D Print Requests

Step 1 -  Create the item: Design your model in whatever software you want to use as long as it can save a file type of .stl. Autocad, Solidworks, Google Sketchup etc. all work. Save your .stl file to the cloud somewhere (Onedrive or Dropbox) and copy a shared link to that file.

Step 2 - Submit the request: Submit your request via the Servicedesk Request System http://servicedesk.nuigalway.ie choosing a request type of 08. Printing and then 3D Print Request. Paste the link to your file in the Request Detail section.

Step 3 - Collect your 3D print: We then contact you via email when it's ready to be collected from the Library & IT Service Desk in the library.

This is a limited time  FREE introductory offer and we are waiting for objects to print so go ahead and follow the 3 steps above.

Further details on the 3D Printing Service including guidelines on what we won't print is available here -> http://library.nuigalway.ie/3dprintservice

NUIG Makerspace on facebook -



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