Thursday, 23 October 2008

House of Commons publications1801-2004 available online

You can now access the complete range of House of Commons publications 1801-2004 online. Go to E-Knowledge on the Library website and choose House of Commons papers.

Search Griffith's Valuation online

The Library has recently subscribed to Irish Origins which makes a significant number of 19th century resources, including the property survey known as Griffith's Valuation, available at your desk. Go to Irish Origins on E-Knowledge to see this and other useful historical data.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

New Cambridge Journals Online Features

The Latest Release of Innovative Features from
Cambridge Journals Online.

Registered users may be interested to read about the latest additions to CJO.

Some key new developments released in August 2008 include:

Cosmetic changes
Some amendments have been made, such as all menus are now persistently formatted in Title Case; the journal title image, when clicked, now returns to the individual journal homepage; standard navigation is now available on all pages; new features are now listed in the central area of the CJO homepage.

Help and FAQ sheets
These sheets are now available in a print friendly form.

Online Submission
Journals that do not have an Online Peer Review system, such as Editorial Manager or Manuscript Central are now able to accept papers via an online Manuscript submission system on CJO.

Unregistered users content alerts
Unregistered users can now set up and save alerts, and register afterwards.

Back-volume display
Significant changes for displaying the back volumes of journals have been made. These include: journals that don’t have issues are listed by year; series level has been added where required; journal’s archive is clearly distinguished from regular content.

Free Access
On selected journals, users can access the following for free when logged on to CJO:
*All articles in a journal.
*An article type
journals archive
*An offer

Email table-of-contents
Personalization of email table-of-contents alerts, to include full or shortened abstracts, and to include a .PDF of the table-of-contents, with short or full abstracts.

Journal pages specific news
Cambridge Journals Online now has a news ticker on a journal homepage for more journal specific news, and related journals are now be displayed on some journal homepages.

Recommend Journal
This form has now added functionality so that you can send an email to an address not included in the list of administrators. In addition to this, librarians also receive information on who requested the subscription and a link to the subscription prices.

A complete list of all the latest additions, is available here.

Cambridge Journals Banner

Expand your citation search with Web of Knowledge

Look for the new features listed below in ISI Web of Knowledge, starting this week. You'll find more citation content and searching
capabilities, as well as new linking and export options. See how you
can search, analyze, and use your results more efficiently.

Web of Science

See the full impact of the latest emerging research
Searching journal articles and conference proceedings just got easier
with Web of Science and Conference Proceedings Citation Index, previously called ISI Proceedings. This powerful combination lets
you easily discover which proceedings are the most influential.
You'll see who is citing proceedings, and discover new research directions. Check your local subscription today.

Citation Maps enhancements bring you a more focused analysis
A new slider bar lets you control the depth of citations viewed.

Learn more
about this unique analysis tool.

Verify an author's affiliation
Verify an author's identity by his or her affiliation -- simply by linking a common number assigned to the author and address.

REGISTER NOW for an online class about the latest enhancements to Web of Science:

"New in the Web of Knowledge for October 08 - Web of Science updates and enhancements"

  • Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 2:00 pm, EDT
  • Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 10:00 am, EDT
  • Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 2:00 pm, EDT

  • ISI Web of Knowledge

    Download articles directly to your desktop bibliographic management resources
    The direct export button to EndNote, Reference Manager, or ProCite is now available at the top of your results summary page making it easier to build your bibliography on the go.

    Try Scientific Web Plus and expand your search with new content
    Now you can access important data from institutional repositories automatically in your ISI Web of Knowledge searches. Theses, technical reports, dissertations, and more from 716 repositories are included in your ISI Web of Knowledge search, via Scientific WebPlus. And you can personalize your Web results by commenting, bookmarking, and tagging websites for further reference and to share with your colleagues.

    Find additional molecular biology information in your searches
    Access new links and full text to National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) directly from ISI Web of Knowledge searches.

    Easier export from Inspec*
    Output Inspec results in the BibTeX format.

    New Chinese interface enhances usability
    Chinese speaking users can now choose to view the ISI Web of Knowledge interface in Simplified Chinese. Simply select the Chinese language link that appears at the bottom of the page in your ISI Web of Knowledge resource.

    Find exactly the author or publication you're looking for
    Search by past institutional affiliation, or by joint affiliation to find authors. Sort publication lists by publication year to quickly spot the one you need.

    Promote your work and visualize its impact
    The ResearcherID Labs environment provides dynamic tools for further exploration and analysis of your work. Link to your ResearcherID profile by adding your ResearcherID badge to any webpage or blog, and visualize the reach of your work using the Collaboration and Citing Article Networks. Watch a brief tutorial to learn how to get the most out of your ResearcherID experience.

    EndNote Web

    Build bibliographies easier with data from a variety of databases
    Export references found in other online databases directly to EndNote Web using the new Web browser plug-in for Internet Explorer and FireFox 2 (version 3 to follow shortly).

    Friday, 17 October 2008

    Newsletter- Issue 33, October 2008

    The latest issue of the James Hardiman Library Newsletter is now available to read online at