Sage Knowledge Video Education: New Collection

Sage Knowledge Video Education is a streaming video collection. It contains 630+ videos comprising of over 120 hours of video. This subject collection was developed in partnership with leading academics and practitioners, to deliver educational and research-oriented video mapped to curricular needs. 

Sage Knowledge Video Education offers a practical view into a full range of teaching settings and situations, from early years to educational leadership, to support students needing to understand theory or how to apply it in practice. View the complete title list.

The videos cover a wide range of subject areas including:
  • Classroom Discipline and Organization
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Administration and Leadership
  • Learning Theories
  • Research Methods for Education
  • Special & Inclusive Education
  • Staff Development & Professional Learning
  • Teaching Diverse Students
  • Teaching Methods & Learning Styles
  • Working with Parents, Families & Communities etc.

Access to Sage Knowledge Video Education is now available via the library catalogue.

Collection Development


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