Friday, 20 April 2018

Have a MyiLibrary ebook account? Then read this...

On Wednesday April 25th, the contents of the MyiLibrary ebook platform with migrate over to the Ebook Central ebook platform.

All our MyiLibrary ebooks will be accessible via Ebook Central from then on. If you have any links saved that point to a book on MyiLibrary, they'll still work for while, but we recommend you use the Library Catalogue so you can access the title on the new platform with no problems.

Most importantly, MyiLibrary bookshelves will not be migrated. So if you have a bookshelf created on MyiLibrary, it would be worth printing it out. You can then create a new bookshelf on Ebook Central and populate it with the listing.

Also, if you used the bookmarking and highlighting features on MyiLibrary you will lose those indications in their ebooks after the title migration. However, notes can be preserved using these instructions.


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