Monday, 9 April 2018

Academic Writing and Innovation. Seminar on 17 April. James Hardiman Research Building G010

Innovation is seen as a key ingredient for success in academia, but we often take good academic writing for granted as a crucial skill in this process. We know from the work of Peter Elbow that writing is a creative and imaginative process, irrespective of the subject. Janet Giltrow has argued that ‘style is meaningful’ and impacts the development of ideas. More recently, Helen Sword has drawn attention to ‘stylish academic writing’, arguing that ‘intellectual creativity thrives best in an atmosphere of experimentation rather than conformity’. Yet the precise relationship between academic writing and innovation remains to be explored; to do so means to highlight the crucial importance of writing centres, writing instructors, and pedagogical initiatives to academia at large.

This seminar will examine the connection between academic writing and innovation from a variety of perspectives, including the use of the Project Based Learning (PBL) and other innovative methodologies, the switch from assessing to improving student writing, the role of writing centres in academia, the ideology of writing spaces, and new ways to support librarians on the path towards publication.

Opening remarks     
Cathal O’Donoghue  (Dean of Arts, NUI Galway)

John Cox ( University Librarian, NUI Galway)

11.15 – 12.45 
Panel 1            Writing as a Tool for Discovery
Gerry Mac Ruairc (NUIG)
Tom Deans (University of Connecticut.):   Paradoxes of Writing Instruction and 
How They Play Out in a University Writing Center
Alexander Champoux (University of Minnesota): Ideology and Invention
in the Pedagogical Writing Space

Adrian Frazier (NUI Galway :
Writing Across the Curriculum, Across the Atlantic ?

12.45 – 13.45        Lunch
13:45 – 15.00 
Panel 2                       New Methodologies
Monica Crump (NUIG)
Megan S. Jewell (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio): ‘
Innovative Outreach: Writing About Writing (WAW) Approaches in Writing Centre
Workshops for Writers in the Sciences
Steven Engel (University of Michigan) Meaningful Choices
: Using Project-based Learning to Teach Professional Writing
15.00                     Coffee
15:15 Panel 3            Writing and Originality
Kris Meen (NUIG)
Helen Fallon (Maynooth University) 
Academic Writing Librarian: An innovative way to Support Librarians
on the Path to Publication
Ann Nowak (Touro Law Center): 
Loglines, Ledes, Whirligigs, and Time-Steps: Tools to De-Muddle Academic Writing
Discussion Forum 
Sharon Flynn (CELT)
A question and answer forum featuring short presentations by members of NUIG staff
Trevor Clohessy (Whitaker Institute)
Pat Byrne (IT)
Jane Ennis (Disability Services)
Rachel Hilliard (Whitaker Institute)
Laura  McLoughlin ( School of Languages),
Niall McSweeney (James Hardiman Library)
Muireann O Cinneide (English),
Simon Warren (CELT)
 Concluding remarks 

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