Tuesday, 28 February 2017

AWC Twitter Competition: Edit Sentences to Earn Prizes

The AWC is proud to present our first twitter competition. 

The sentences:

1. StPatrick's Day is fortunately coming up, which is a holiday, and it is also sometimes called the Feast of Saint Patrick, which is the same Patrick that, having spent many years as a slave there , returned to Ireland and banished all its snakes, which is an interesting legend, as it is a comment on Christianity, and it is an explanation of Ireland’s absence of snakes, and it might also be a story in a sort of code about possible relations between the followers of the Church and their opponents, and it is held in March, the third month of the year, and this holiday involves eating and drinking, and even getting drunk, and it is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland and also Northern Ireland which is where it is celebrated. 
2. Rith siad go tobann gan choinne i dtreo an tsiopa a bhí ar chúl na leabharlainne móire, foirgneamh mór nua a bhí nua-thógtha le déanaí.


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