Monday, 5 January 2015

Academic Staff - tell us what you think about academic skills supports

What academic skills do you think first year students need for success at University? 

Do you know of the supports available in NUI Galway to help students develop those skills? 

There is an opinion widely held, that students entering third level education from secondary school are not well prepared for the needs of higher education and do not have the core academic skills they need.  The provision of support for academic skills development is recognised as a key factor in student engagement and retention, particularly in first year.  NUI Galway has a range of different services that provide support for these academic skills, e.g. :

·         Skills4Study Campus (online module available via The Learning Centre in Blackboard)

·         The Academic Writing Centre

Academic staff, please complete our survey and tell us what you think about the skills supports needed and available at NUI Galway for first year students.



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For me, it's a career building thing that explores the talent and also encourages students to use these skills in every field. We must support students in the academic programs.

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