Friday, 17 February 2012

Silent Zones in Library

The Library has introduced two Silent Zones into the Library in response to repeated requests from students for a silent place to study. There is one on the first floor of the Library to the rear of the building, and a second on the top floor towards the front of the building.

The Silent Zones mean:
  • No talking
  • No use of phones
  • Laptops must be kept on silent
  • Headphones are not permitted
Study spaces in the rest of the Library are designated as Quiet Zones, where short, whispered conversations will be tolerated. Mobiles should be switched to silent and calls taken outside the Library. There should be no noise emanating from headphones. Note that the consumption of food and drink, other than bottled water, is not allowed in any part of the Library.

Group Study Rooms are available for Collaborative Study.


Anonymous said...

I find the 'silent zones' to be as bad as anywhere else. People seem to brush those information leaflets aside and continue to chat. The idea is a good one but there is no incentive for students to obey the rules (whether they know them or not). Maybe people chatting etc. should be thrown out of the library... I agree with self policing but staff should also occasionally walk by areas and remove any noisy people.

Hopefully there will be improvements before the busy pre-exam period.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. And in the other zones now people seem to be making more noise, as though they're now not quiet zones. Every time I'm there I have to ask people to be quiet.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the previous comments that the silent zones are just as bad as before. maybe if a staff member from the library could walk by even once an hour it might help. but its frustrating that people can be so inconsiderate of their fellow students. i've given up on the library and have started working at home as i find i get more done

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is easier to study at home. If I have to pay a babysitter eight euros an hour and then come in to the library and have to listen to people making noise, its just not worth it. If a friend comes to speak with me, I always suggest we step outside so as not to distract other students. I think the library need to review this policy as it is too noisy.

The HardiBlog said...

Please note that Library Stewards will be "policing" the Silent Zones over the next few days but it is hoped that these zones will be self-policing. All feedback welcome!

Anonymous said...

people who sniff constantly are the biggest offenders of the silent zone...Why they just cant give their noses a decent blow with a decent handkerchief is beyond me....they are so annoying...what is the solution?

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with these comments. Why people cannot be considerate of other people. If you need to talk do so outside of the library. People talking full volumn on their phones while people around them are trying to study is beyond me.