Thursday, 26 June 2008

* Blackwell Synergy & Wiley Interscience Content *

As you may be aware, from the the end of June, the merger between Blackwell Synergy & Wiley Interscience will take place. From June 30th, content from both sites will be available on

So you will then be able to browse all Wiley-Blackwell journals, together with online books, reference works, databases, protocols and other electronic resources through one integrated service.

The benefits will begin immediately after June 30th:

One-stop access to a dramatically expanded range of relevant material

circa 3 million articles

1400 journals

Over 5000 online books, reference works and databases

If you have registered as a Blackwell Synergy user, you may receive table of contents alerts, journal information, etc. Your account will be migrated automatically to the new platform. If you already have a Wiley InterScience account, your information will be combined. You may be requested to accept new terms and conditions the first time you log in after June 30th.

The transition of Blackwell journals to Wiley InterScience and the shutdown of Synergy, will take place this weekend.

The scheduled downtime is as follows:

June 28
Blackwell Synergy closes down
June 29

10:00 am London
Wiley InterScience goes offline temporarily
June 30

02:00 am London
Wiley InterScience comes back online,
with Blackwell journals incorporated
Blackwell Synergy is no longer available

So what will be different?

Some terminology will be different, visit for a terminology glossary

The sender of table of contents email alerts will now be a Wiley InterScience address rather than the journal title

Wiley InterScience page layout differs slightly from Blackwell Synergy, see examples below or visit for more details

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

SPIE Digital Library Upgrade

As of June 10th, the abstract page for all SPIE Journal and Conference Proceedings articles has been enhanced to include new research and navigation tools to aid in research.

Significant features of the redesigned abstract page include:
  • More critical information viewable within one screen, without scrolling
  • References, including links to referenced papers as well as citing articles, on a separate tab
  • Tools for capturing and downloading citation metadata in a variety of formats
  • Enhanced navigation aids such as breadcrumb links
  • OpenURL referrer tool
  • Links to web-enabled research tools such as bookmarking sites, Google Notebook, and zotero
  • Multimedia links, RSS, and erratum alerts.

Click here to view and try out the new SPIE Digital Library abstract view. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.For more information or assistance with other SPIE Digital Library features or subscriptions, please visit

New Features on EBSCOhost

You now have the opportunity to try out the BETA version of EBSCOhost 2.0, right from the New Features page in EBSCOhost.

For some important details concerning the functionality of the BETA, click here.

Get a head start on how to use the new design, which will be fully implemented in July, by clicking on the Test Drive link on your EBSCOhost New Features page. (Access the New Features page from its link in the upper right corner of your EBSCOhost screen.)

Visit EBSCO's 2.0 Support Center to access these support materials:

  • Printable poster
  • Help Sheets
  • User Guide, presented in topical sections to enable printing of the specific information you need
  • Online training registration form
The EBSCOhost 2.0 BETA will remain available on the New Features page for you to sample, until its final implementation in July.

Visit EBSCO's Support Site to learn about new features, search among thousands of FAQs, download Flash tutorials, Help Sheets or User Guides.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Web of Science coverage expanded

Web of Science coverage expanded

199 from Asia Pacific
364 from the European Union
80 from Latin America
50 from the Middle East and Africa
7 from North America

You can now search & evaluate thorough regional as well as global journal coverage through Web of Science.

The complete integration of these new journals builds a bridge between significant regional studies and the global research community — increasing the visibility of topics of regional concern and enhancing the comprehensiveness and reach of your collection.

You will be able to:

  • Locate more articles to be used in metrics, as they include regional coverage in their analyses of the impact of emerging trends, authors, institutions, countries and fields.
  • Link from citations within new articles to other data within Web of Science.
  • Have more opportunities to link successfully from article citations to the full bibliographic record and full text.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Ensure your Recommended Readings are in the Library!

Do you recommend books or journal articles for your students to read?

Have you remembered to make sure that they are easily available in the Library?

Library staff often hear complaints from students that the books they are asked to read are not in the Library, or that the Library doesn’t hold sufficient copies.

In the latest survey of undergraduate students carried out by the Library approximately one-third of students felt that the Library does not hold copies of all reading list books, and elicited comments such as:

“I would recommend a better liaison between the library and those who set course work”

“Add more copies of high-demand books in the library”

We would really like to address this issue in the coming year, but can only do so with your help:

  • If you are recommending books or articles for your students to read – please make sure to check that they are available in the Library or online through the library’s E-knowledge portal.
  • If you are not sure if there are sufficient copies for your class size, your Information Librarian would be very happy to advise.
  • If the material is not already in the Library, please remember that there is a considerable lead-in time between requesting the purchase of a book and its availability on the shelf.
  • To ensure required books are on the shelves for the start of the next Semester – please request them before the end of June.
  • If you need any help identifying relevant material your Information Librarian would be happy to advise.
  • To request the purchase of a book please use the Online Order Request Form. The username and password for your department has been sent to your head of department and departmental library liaison person.
  • If you need any help with using the online form, or need to check the balance of your department’s book budget, please contact Neil O’Brien at

Thank you for helping us to improve our students’ experience of college life!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Online Training - Searching With IEEE Xplore

You can now register for any of the upcoming online training sessions for the IEEE Xplore digital library.
IEEE hosts regularly scheduled online training sessions which are free to all users of IEEE online technical information. Advance registration is required, and space is limited.

You can register for the training sessions here.
You can also check out other IEEE Xplore guides and training details in the Virtual Learning Centre