Thursday, 26 July 2018

New IEEE Xplore Platform Features

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

On 31 July, IEEE Xplore will upgrade to a new search engine.

This new search engine allows for a much more integrated experience and offers users:
  • The ability to include wildcards with phrased searches
  • The ability to include search operators such as AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, and ONEAR via the Basic Search
  • Search that is optimized across a variety of file types including PDF, HTML, audio, and video
  • An improved process for saved searches
  • A foundation for future platform enhancements such as semantic enrichment, smarter recommendations, and concept/entity extraction
Please note, all saved searches and search histories will carry over to the new system. There may be instances where the number of results returned may be slightly different than expected due to the change in search logic so we recommend that all users review their new results and modify the query, if needed. To expand the number of results returned, you can include an OR operator between multiple term searches. For more information, please visit the IEEE Xplore Resources Center.

Any new saved searches created on 30 July 2018 will not be carried over with the 31 July release.

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