Friday, 9 February 2018

The Library Survey


Library Survey 

In total, 2165 students and staff completed the survey, 59.8% of respondents were Undergrad students, 26.5% were Postgrad students and 13.7% were Staff.

Each of the 1220 comments received were analysed and were grouped into categories. Each category was reviewed and where possible an action plan was drawn up to address the issues raised.

This infographic outlines some of the major actions we are taking to address the issues raised by our users.

The 2018 survey will be run during March, by completing the survey you can provide us with lots of feedback which helps us with our planning process. 

Prize Winner

The winner of the participants prize was Silvia Gagliardi, who is a PhD student in the Irish Centre for Human Rights. Here she is receiving her prize from John Cox, University Librarian.

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