Friday, 10 February 2017

ARAN repository attracts nearly five million hits to date

ARAN has attracted nearly five million hits (downloads and page views) to date. This data excludes hits generated by bots. A wealth of such data is now available on ARAN since the addition of a content and usage analysis module. Statistical information for the publications that you’ve uploaded to ARAN is now available from the Statistics window on the ARAN homepage.

To find out which of your publications on ARAN are most popular or how often they’ve been downloaded click on the orange ‘Show Statistical Information’ tab at the bottom of the publication's page or under Usage click on view details.

Most popular items and authors for Colleges, Schools and Research Centres are easy to obtain. If you want to know where readers of your publications come from consult the Statistics by country.

For more information view the User Guide which is arranged as a series of questions and answers. If the statistical information you require is not covered by the guide or you require a customised report email your requests to

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