Thursday, 16 March 2017

IOPscience extra

The Library now provides access to IOPscience extra, an archive of expanded content from the Institute of Physics.

"IOPscience extra hosts some of the most sought-after articles in science today, providing international breakthroughs and pioneering achievements from prolific researchers."
The new content includes:
The complete IOP journal archive
Comprising more than 700,000 articles, the database is an indispensable resource for the physics community containing  every IOP article published since 1874.
The Physics World Archive
Physics World is widely recognised as the world’s must-read magazine in physics. You can now access every article published since the magazine’s launch in 1988.
New for 2017 – two journals from the American Astronomical Society
The Astrophysical Journal alone received the highest number of citations of all journals in its JCR category in 2015, beating second place by more than 35%.
See the full journal listing of content available through IOPscience extra. All journals can be accessed by title via the Library Catalogue.
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