Friday, 14 October 2016

The UpToDate Anywhere App - the mobile clinical resource

UpToDate is a full-text, evidence-based, clinical resource designed to assist with diagnosis and treatment. Information is presented in the form of topic reviews, each one addressing a particular clinical issue

For the next year we now have access to UptoDate Anywhere, a mobile version of the resource which can be accessed on mobile phones and portable device.
UpToDate® Anywhere:       
  • includes access to over 10,000 topics in over 22 specialties
  • Persistent login:  You only need to log in once – the app saves your credentials to save you time.
  • Bookmarks and search history: Easily locate previous searches and save topics you visit often.
  • Calculators: More than 165 medical calculators support quick, informed decision-making.
Mobile Access:  
Before you download the app, an initial account must be created on campus using the campus network.

For more details on registration please see the following instructions.

Further Information

Search UpToDate®

More information on UpToDate is available from the Library website.

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