Thursday, 25 February 2016

Meet your MakerSpace

Drop by to see what's on offer at the NUI Galway MakerSpace. 

Where: MakerSpace, James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway
When: Tuesday, March 1st, 12:00

We will guide you through the software and hardware we have available in the space and answer any questions you might have.

We will look at

• 3D Printing – how it’s being used by staff and students
• The PC’s and what special software is available on them
• What’s a Raspberry Pi and what can people do with it?
• Some uses for an Arduino micro controller
• Meet our first little robot (if I can get it working by then)

We are also looking for your input into what serivces we should provide in the MakerSpace. It's your MakerSpace. This event is held in the NUI Galway MakerSpace located in the library.

Follow one of these links to let us know you are coming along -

This event will be repeated.

Monday, 22 February 2016

RESOLVED: Managed Print Service is Currently Unavailable



The issue with printing has been resolved.

15:43 ISS has published the following bulletin:

Managed Print Service is Currently Unavailable

The Managed Print Service (printing in PC Suites, Library and in a number of staff areas) is currently unavailable.

ISS are working to resolve this issue as a priority and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

If you have any queries, please contact the
Service Desk (Tel. x5777 Email

Conor McMahon
Head of Operations
Information Solutions and Services
Tel. 091 495777

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Blackstone LaunchPad - Launch Event at James Hardiman Library - Today, 17 Feb 2016 at 13:00

Today at 13.00 the James Hardiman Library is hosting the official launch of Blackstone LaunchPad and welcomes all associated with the Blackstone LaunchPad enterprise and their guests to the Library.

The James Hardiman Library looks forward to developing many synergies between our MakerSpace activities and those of Blackstone LaunchPad.

Blackstone LaunchPad can be found on the Concourse where the old Parking Office was located. It is a campus-based experiential entrepreneurship programme open to students, alumni and staff, regardless of discipline. They offer coaching, ideation and venture creation support.

You can find out more here:

Monday, 15 February 2016

Archive Search System

We recently introduced a new web interface through which you can browse the archives collections of the James Hardiman Library online.

Here are 5 ways in which your research could be transformed by this exciting new development!

1. Archives are amazing sources of inspiration. They hold an abundance of potential research material that can be applied to virtually any discipline to create innovative research. The catalogue could hold the key to unlocking your next research project, and you will never know unless you look!

2. Even if you don't unlock your next research project, simply by browsing through the Showcase and Image Gallery sections of the page, you are certain to find out about something or someone new.

3. The enhanced search functionality afforded by this new service means you can carry out keyword searches across the entire catalogue. This means you can browse over 20,000 records from 350 collections simultaneously, bringing insights from other sources to light that you may not have considered before now.

4. The archives catalogue is one part of a new suite of tools aimed at opening up our archives. Why not look at the catalogue alongside some of our digital projects which are available on Keep an eye out for new projects on this page, and you can still find our older digital projects on These will be migrated to the new system soon.

5. Finding something you are interested in on our catalogue gives you the perfect excuse to work in our beautiful reading room, located on the ground floor of the Hardiman Research Building in the heart of NUI Galway's campus.

Check it out now on Happy Browsing!

Journal of General Management Access Issue

There is currently an issue with access to the Journal of General Management. The provider is working on this problem, and we hope to access restored soon.

'Yeats and the West' Exhibition Closing Lecture, 15th February, 5pm

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Juliet's Wall - Library Foyer - Thursday 11th February: 10.00-16.00

Juliet's Wall (based on the wall at Casa di Guilietta in Verona) is coming to the
James Hardiman Library Foyer
Thursday 11th February

Anyone wishing to pen a comment is welcome to do so

This is a SIG (Shakespeare in Galway) 2016 project celebrating the
quatercentenary of Shakespeare's death & his 400 year legacy
 It is part of An Explore - NUI Galway Staff/Student Innovation Initiative

Spring Networking Event -- Western Regional Section of the Library Association of Ireland

The James Hardiman Library is very pleased to be hosting a Spring Networking Event put on by the Western Regional Section of the Library Association of Ireland (WRSLAI). 

The event will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, February 27th, and features a roster of exciting speakers in the fields of e-learning and librarianship. It will also be a celebration of the recently completed and highly successful Rudai 23 online CPD project put on by the WRSLAI.

The event is free, but places limited; click on the link below to book your place:

The programme for the afternoon will proceed as follows:

1.00 pm Registration and Networking Opportunity– Refreshments provided by NUI Galway Library

2.00pm Frances Boylan - "The 12 Apps of Christmas: Mobile Apps and Personalised Learning"

Frances works currently in the area of eLearning Development within the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre (LTTC) at the Dublin Institute of Technology where she supports lectures as they engage with technology enhanced learning, teaching and assessment practices. Frances also recently successfully ran the award-winning e-learning programme ‘The 12 Apps of Christmas’ with DIT.

2.30pm Aoife Lawton - “Rudaí Eile: Visibility & Impact”

Aoife Lawton works as a systems librarian for the Health Service Executive. She recently published her first book, ‘The Invisible Librarian’, on librarianship and our visibility as professionals.

3.00pm Jane Burns - "CPD is for life- Developing Yourself, Developing Your Profession"

Jane serves on the Library Association of Ireland’s Executive Council, Continuous Professional Development Committee and the Task Force on Information Literacy. Jane is an Occasional Lecturer at UCD School of Information Studies where she teaches Management for Information Professionals and  The use of Social Media in Health.Jane’s current role is Research Manager at the Health Professions Education Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

3.30pm Rudai 23 Certificates Presented by President of the Library Association of Ireland Philip Cohen

4.00pm Closing Comments

See you there!    
(Flower image: Germain Seed and Plant Company; U.S. Department of Agriculture; Flickr)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

John McGahern - The Writer and the Archive - RTÉ Radio 1 Book Show

John McGahern
The 30th of March brings about the tenth anniversary of the passing of the acclaimed Irish writer, John McGahern. In the decade since his death, Ireland and its people, society and identity, have changed beyond recognition. One of McGahern's great achievements in hiswriting, in any of his accomplished forms; novel, drama, short story or essay, was able to get to the very heart of Ireland and especially of rural Ireland and the lives of its people. The time, place and context of McGahern's writing would be recognisable constants, vivid as any character within his writing. McGahern's writing spanned over five decades and tracked the huge social changes in Ireland across this time.

The Book Show on RTÉ Radio 1 recently broadcast a feature on John McGahern, focusing on the life and career and also his archive. It was a pleasure to have the programme host, Sinead Gleeson, visit the archive here at NUI Galway and see first-hand the collected literary legacy of one of Ireland's most accomplished and beloved authors.

The award-winning writer had a body of loyal readers around the globe from publications from the early 1960s in The New Yorker magazine, through his early novels, The Barracks (1963) The Dark (notoriously banned on grounds of censorship in 1965) and Amongst Women, (1990) to name a few. McGahern's short-story collections, such as Nightlines (1979) and High Ground (1985) drew readers to his power of expression within the contained form of the story. John's later writing would see a life's work come full-circle and culminate in such loved works as the novel That They May Face the Rising Sun (2002) and the revealing and striking Memoir (2005)

The archive of John McGahern is held with the James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway. Deposited by McGahern in 2003, just three years ahead of his death, the archive is a literary treasure-trove that records not just the vast and prolific writings of McGahern, but also his literary relationships with other writers and offers a unique insight into the mind and processes of McGahern as both a writer and person.

Such unique material in the archive includes the manuscript for The End or the Beginning of Love, the unpublished novel by McGahern, that was accepted for publication by Faber and Faber in 1962, but which was withdrawn by McGahern as he believed it to be not good enough. 
McGahern's unpublished novel

Other material from this period includes a letter from William Maxwell, fiction editor of The New Yorker magazine addressed to Elizabeth (Cullinane) that is confirmation of the young McGahern's publication in the prestigious magazine. In the letter Maxwell writes that 'The John McGahern story [Strandhill, The Sea] went through' and that 'whoever handles him will be writing him to tell that it is accepted'; he goes on to state that 'if you see any more [manuscripts] of this calibre floating around Dublin, start them on their way to me.' (1963) (P71/1171)

Also from this time are two letters from John McGahern to Mary O'Malley in relation to the Threshold literary journal published by the Lyric Theatre, and found within the archive of the Lyric Theatre, also within the Hardiman Library. He asks to be considered for publication although 'I have not appeared in print' (17 January 1959) and later discusses publishing an extract from one of his novels (26 June 1962).

Drafts of Bank Holiday

The archive reveals the private and intimate world of the writer at work. The writing style of McGahern is revealing of how he worked. He wrote long-hand, often in coffee-stained school copy books and A4 notebooks. The scrawl of handwriting gives a sense of working on fleeting ideas that would often change and fluctuate. The number of drafts and revisions show McGahern rarely let go of an idea or a narrative completely but would often return to make changes, often to as much or as little as a single word or line, but which would bring the setting or characters or plot in a new direction. One short-story, Bank Holiday, has over twenty identifiable drafts alone.

The John McGahern archive consists of forty boxes of manuscripts. All evidence of 'the writer at work' is within this volume of manuscripts and covers the breadth of McGahern's writing in prose, drama, fiction and essay.  The papers give the reader a unique and otherwise impossible accessibility to the mind of McGahern. McGahern himself said of the separate worlds of the writer and the reader: "I think each of us inhabit a private world that others cannot see" – the archive brings those two private worlds together and is perhaps the only place this can happen.

Drafts of The Power of Darkness - a play by John McGahern

You can listen back to the Book Show special on John McGahern here: