Monday, 14 July 2014

Dr. Ros Dixon Library bequest event

Dr. Ros Dixon
The personal library of the late Dr. Ros Dixon, collected over her lifetime of teaching, researching and writing about theatre, was recently donated to the James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway, by her family. 

Ros was a highly esteemed and loved member of staff at the Department of English and was a recipient of the President's Medal for Teaching Excellence in 2006-2007. Her books and audio-visual materials concern theatre history, performance, playwrights, directors, and actors, with a special focus on plays in the Russian language and in English, including a collection of plays by, and biographies of, Chekhov together with Soviet history and playwrights of that era in Russia. 

A vast collection of theatre programmes, in English and Russian reflect the many plays seen by Ros and a life spent engaging with theatre within Ireland and internationally. Ros' archive of research papers and notes offer a unique insight into her understanding, interpretation, teaching and writing about theatre and include detailed work on Efros, Chekov and Irish and Russian theatre in general.
the Cherry Orchard

The love and commitment that Ros had for her students at NUI Galway continues with the donation of her library to support their education in drama and theatre history and performance.

An event was recently held at the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room to mark the donation of her Collection to the Hardiman Library. The event was attended by many of Ros' friends, colleagues and family. Speakers at the event included Ros' partner, Dr. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Dept. of Archaeology, John Cox, Librarian, Hardiman Library, Prof. Adrian Frazier, Dept. of English. NUI Galway. A reading from Chekov's, the Cherry Tree, read by Max Hafler completed the proceedings.

All books within the Dixon Library can be seen on the Library catalogue here.

A selection of images from the Dr. Ros Dixon Library of Drama & Theatre History & Performance can be seen here: 

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