Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Britannica no longer in print - don't worry access Brittanica Online through the Library

It is reported today, that 200 years after publishing its first encyclopaedia, Encyclopaedia Britannica will this year cease to publish its print editions.  The hugely successful online edition Encyclopaedia Brittanica Online will however continue to be published and is accessible to NUI Galway staff and students via the Library website.

Encyclopaedia Britannica and the other reference works the library makes available is an excellent starting point when beginning to research a topic.  Unlike Wikipedia and other free sources, the contributors to Encyclopedia Brittanica have been vetted and selected as experts in their field, and their contributions have been edited.  This ensures that the information you get through Encyclopedia Brittanica is authoritative, reliable and well put together.

Access Britannica Online via the Library.
Find out more about the Reference Works available through the Library.

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Julie.T said...

Nothing better than having the hard copy. Flipping the pages to find your given topic.
To me it is very odd going into homes that do not have any books or magazines. Just seems so empty and sterile. I love the internet, but having a book in your hands is much more real to me.